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Hasland Infant and Nursery School

Live Well - Mental well being offering daily blogs 


My name is Sarah Wray and my passion is mental and emotional well-being; to help people – whether individuals or within schools and organisations – to enhance their own well-being; to thrive not just survive! 


We will all see times when our well-being is flourishing and then times when we struggle, some of us more than others. Well-being affects every part of our lives, including our work or education. We cannot always avoid mental ill health, but we can be better prepared to deal with it. 


Our inner state impacts on the way we experience the world and how we live; when our well-being is good, we feel happier and healthy; we feel and function better personally, socially and professionally. 


We can all help ourselves to have better well-being; whether there is a specific issue that is holding us back, and we are ready to deal with; or to build resilience to handle the stresses of life better on a daily basis and support us when life throws us a curve-ball!  

At times we have no control over things that happen, but we have total control over how we handle it – having the tools to choose how we handle things is so empowering. 


We all deserve to live in the best way we can.