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Sounds Write - Lessons

Sounds Write


At Hasland Infant School we teach phonics using the Sounds-Write progamme. This programme is successful in teaching children to read and spell as it starts with what all children know from a very young age – speech sounds.  Children then systematically learn what these sounds look like (how these sounds are coded) in our writing.


Sounds-Write is divided into three units, Initial Code, Extended Code and Polysyllabic Words.

EYFS focus on the Initial Code and KS1 focus onto the Extended Code. (See Alphabet Code Knowledge for sounds and spellings)


Each Sounds-Write session is formed of different lessons which each teach and practise a different skill.


We have recorded an example of some of these lessons that you could do at home with your child to help to develop their reading and spelling skills.  We hope that you find these useful.


Please click on the lesson to view the video.


Please click on the document below to view the Alphabet Code.