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Hasland Infant and Nursery School

We are Mathematicians

Maths Subject Leader

Miss. K. Wood

We believe that as Mathematicians children need an understanding of basic mathematical concepts giving them the tools for everyday life and allowing them to analyse and communicate information and ideas in order to tackle a range of practical tasks and real life problems. These concepts include counting, calculation, shape and measure. As Mathematicians children also need to understand these concepts so that when faced with a mathematical problem they will have the confidence and understanding to undertake its solution. We want our children to recognise the relevance of their learning and become confident, capable Mathematicians.

Our curriculum is based on the key principles of the National Curriculum. As Mathematicians we enable children to become fluent in Maths through varied and frequent practise, reason mathematically by following a line of mathematical enquiry and solve problems by applying their mathematics to a variety of routine and non-routine problems.

As Mathematicians children will develop the ability to develop a positive attitude towards and an enjoyment of Maths in order to progress. Children will be able to recognise and discuss patterns in Maths within both number and shape and be able to explain these using mathematical vocabulary. We also focus on developing children’s confidence and competence in mental strategies which they can in turn use to solve problems, to reason and to think logically working both systematically and accurately. Our Mathematicians are also given opportunities to use and apply Maths across the curriculum and in real life. At Hasland Infant School we aim to foster, through all subjects, the values and attitudes of cooperation, self-reliance, perseverance, interest, enjoyment, independence and decision making. We do this through a range of stimulating activities which the children complete independently, collaboratively or as a whole class.

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Counting is an extremely important aspect within Maths. At Hasland Infant School we recognise this and make counting a strong focus within our daily sessions. Each Maths session across school begins with the 'Daily Count.' We practise counting both forwards and backwards in different multiples. We enjoy counting with the counting hoop and counting sticks. We sometimes learn songs and actions to help us.


We recognise hard work and resilience with counting and award our 'Counting King and Counting Queen' each day. We celebrate our Counting King and Queen by displaying their names on our working walls with the chosen children wearing a crown for the rest of each Maths session. 


Our working walls are used to support the children with each Maths sessions. Vocabulary and question stems are displayed to support the children with their Mathematical thinking. Children can also find visuals here to help them with their counting.


We asked the children how they feel about Maths, here are a few of their responses:



"I like Maths because it makes me strong."


"I like counting and learning and Maths helps us."


"I like answering number sentences and being Counting Queen."


"We have lots of things to help us in our classrooms. This makes us successful."