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Sounds-Write Phonics

At Hasland Infant School, we teach phonics using a linguistic phonics programme called Sounds-Write.

This programme is successful in teaching children to read and spell as it starts with what all children know from a very young age – speech sounds.  Children then systematically learn how these sounds are coded in our writing.

The four key concepts children need to learn are:

  1. letters are symbols that represent sounds
  2. sounds can be spelled using 1, 2, 3 or 4 letters
  3. the same sound can be spelled in different ways
  4. the same spelling can represent different sounds

The three keys skills children need to master are:

  1. blending
  2. segmenting
  3. phoneme manipulation

Children in Reception and KS1 have a 30-minute Sounds-Write session every day, in addition to their Literacy lessons. Our daily sessions are fun and involve lots of speaking, listening and games. Children learn to apply their phonic knowledge when  reading and writing activities and in their independent learning.

Sounds-Write is divided into three units, Initial Code, Extended Code and Polysyllabic Words. Each phase systematically building on the skills and knowledge which has been taught in the previous unit. Throughout each unit children have time to practise and apply the skills needed to read and spell words.

Children in our Foundation Stage begin with the Initial Code. During this unit they practise all 3 key skills whilst learning the 1:1 sound-spelling correspondences and securing their understanding of key concept 1. As the children move into Key Stage 1 they continue to practice all 3 key skills whilst learning the Extended Code and Polysyllabic Words.

Please follow these links for videos which will provide more information about Sounds-Write Phonics.




Key Stage 1: 

Open Sessions for Parents


We welcome parents and guardians in to school to join in with their child's phonics sessions every academic year.  

These sessions are always well attended and enjoyable. This is some of the feedback we have received from parents and guardians who have joined us for a session:


"It was lovely to be able to see how children learn phonics in school."


"This session was really useful and will help me to support my child at home."


Please check the school calendar for the next available date.