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Hasland Infant and Nursery School

We are Historians

History Subject Leader

Miss. R. Power

At Hasland Infant School we recognise the importance of children having an understanding of local, national and international history to enrich their knowledge of the world. Through our history curriculum we aim to support children to develop an enquiring mind and the ability to consider and debate the past through stories, research and exploring photographs and artefacts.

We aim to inspire children by teaching them about people and events that have had a significant impact on national or international achievements, for example Florence Nightingale or Neil Armstrong. At Hasland Infant School we want children to recognise that anyone can have an impact on society and inspire each child to be the best they can be. As historians the children will be supported to develop a chronological understanding of events in history which will enable them to make sense of new knowledge they acquire and where this fits into national and international events.

By the end of their time at Hasland Infant School we aim for each child to be a skilled historian. We expect that children will be able to access a range of sources, ask and answer questions about the past and represent what they know about the past in a range of ways. We aim for children to have a solid base of historical knowledge and a thirst for knowledge as they continue their history learning.

Click on the link below to view documents related to history.  These include The History Policy, Progression of Skills and the Key Knowledge Grid.

At our school we want all children to gain the skills they need to become skilled historians. Please look below to find some of the key skills historians have. 

During their time at Hasland Infant school we want children to build up a mental timeline of key historical events. We revisit key knowledge throughout the year using our 'do you remember when?' books, learning journey walls and timelines displayed in classrooms alongside new learning. This enables children to gain an understanding of how people and events from the past link and impact national and international life today. 

Take a look below to see a timeline of key learning from Reception to Year 2.

Take a look at some of the children's history work that we display as part of our learning journey including timelines and writing about key people and events. 

Each class has a 'Do you remember when?' book for each topic. The children use these to help them to remember key historical learning. Take a look at some examples below.

Each class has a timeline displayed. The children use these to help them to retain key knowledge and discuss how different events link together to impact life today.