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Hasland Infant and Nursery School

Governing Body Report

Hasland Infant School – Chair of Governors End of Year Report 2019


Firstly thank you to you all for your commitment to the school. Being a Governor is not easy. It requires a great deal of time and dedication to do the job properly, and the school deserve that we do our very best to ‘be the best we can be’!


Apart from routine and general visits to school I have continued to facilitate the School Council Meetings. Meeting outcomes have continued to bring about changes to the dinning arrangements and menu offer as well as modifications to playtime.  Helen Briscoe attends these meetings and is most supportive.


Interview sessions have taken place, as necessary, throughout the year. We are very careful to give candidates every opportunity to do well so when a job offer is made we can be more certain of choosing the best candidate for the school. Several staff have been on Maternity Leave this year and I send congratulations to them all on the safe arrival of their babies.


The Parent’s Forum, facilitated by Helen, thank you Helen, has seen numbers of attendees growing, these sessions do offer a real opportunity for Parent Voice.


Governor training during the year has included attendance at the Local Authority Briefings; Induction; Performance Management; Exclusions; Ofsted Ready and Safeguarding.


Scrutiny of the SATs administration was undertaken, ensuring that the papers were properly stored and the tests correctly administered. All is well in that department, Mrs. Wain was on the case!


It is hoped that the School Garden will come back into use. Several ‘mums’ are keen to assist with this and we will be discussing options.


I continue to attend Derbyshire School Governors Association meetings which liaise, directly, with the Local Authority and I sit on the Derbyshire Schools Forum and the DIASS panel. All this enables me and therefore us to have a great overview of Governance for the good and benefit of Hasland Infant School.


Have a good summer!