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Hasland Infant and Nursery School

Governing Body Report

Hasland Infant School – Chair of Governors End of Year Report 2020


Firstly thank you to you all for your commitment to the school. Being a Governor is not easy. It requires a great deal of time and dedication to do the job properly. The school deserves that we do our very best to ‘be the best we can be’!

The year started well with some excellent building works completed on time despite some very poor weather which did limit some of the planned projects.

I continued to facilitate the School Council Meetings with the first one being a visit to the Town Hall and Mayor’s Parlour on the 23rd October. This is a much enjoyed and very special outing were the pupils get a real sense of our democracy.

This was followed by the attendance of the School Council at the Remembrance Day Parade outside the Town Hall on Armistice Day 11th November. Despite the drizzle the School Council members attended in a most respectful and appropriate way. The HIS wreath, made from recycled materials, was laid with great pride by the youngsters. 

The meeting on 11th March proved to be the final one for the School Council for this year. The pupils brought some excellent suggestions for minor alternations to the lunch time activities but, most importantly, were able to decide on a Handwashing Song, as Covid 19 was looming, and come up with some new ways to encourage all pupils to ‘flush toilets’…a regular Agenda Item!

I was able to attend several Christmas Concerts; the Dance Fest at the Winding Wheel and called in on the VE Day Picnic…where the staff put on a most appropriate event for the pupils in school. There was a real sense of Community as the children enjoyed their lunch in the sunshine with their union flag place mats and other appropriate decorations. Thanks to the caretakers for the Union Flags on the flag poles too.

The Parent’s Forum, facilitated by Helen, thank you Helen, has seen numbers of attendees growing, these sessions do offer a real opportunity for Parent Voice.

Governor training during the year has included attendance at the Local Authority Briefings; Induction; GDPR and Safer Recruitment. Sadly some of the planned training have not taken place but some bookings for 2020 – 2021 are already in the diary. Amanda Daykin has shared some online learning that you may be able to fit in this summer.

The School Garden was coming back into use but, due to the unusual circumstances since March, this is a project on ‘hold’.

Link Governor visits continued until the lock-down restrictions but I do hope these can resume in the new school year as they do provide a really excellent overview of the workings of the school in action that we cannot all experience.

In November 2019 the Annual Parent/Carer survey was returned by 67 families. In these the vast majority of responses were very positive. There is a trend of more awareness of the PTFA and Governing Body which is pleasing.

I continue to attend Derbyshire School Governors Association meetings, currently held virtually, which liaises, directly, with the Local Authority and I sit on the Derbyshire Schools Forum and the DIASS panel. I also aim to attend the Primary Heads Area Meetings, most recently held virtually. All this enables me and therefore us to have a great overview of Governance for the good and benefit of Hasland Infant School.

I will conclude with a massive thank you to all the staff of the school, with especial mention of Mrs Wain. She has been tireless in her efforts to keep up with the ever changing requirements driven by various departments to conform to Covid 19 requirements.

It has been a very difficult time for everyone and the remarkable efforts made to provide meaningful and manageable home-learning for all youngsters as well as ensure that those able to attend have done so safely and with appropriate experiences and learning on offer is truly exceptional.

Have a good summer – albeit not the one you had planned!

Barbara Arrandale