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Hasland Infant and Nursery School

Immersive Learning Environments

Immersive Learning Environments


At Hasland Infant School we aim to provide a rich, creative, inclusive, challenging curriculum that inspires all our children and adults alike.  This approach promotes engagement for all learners.  All our classrooms have a variety of learning areas which allow children to practise and consolidate previously taught skills and knowledge.   This may be through games, paired activities or individual challenges.   We feel that this approach allows children to take responsibility for their learning and as a result are engaged and keen to learn and challenge themselves.   

Our creative approach to the curriculum means that role play is at the heart of each classroom.  This enables children to become fully immersed in their learning and experience the things they are being taught.   The role play in each class changes with each topic that we do so that it reflects a place, event, time or book. 


In addition, each Learning Environment will….

• Transport children to a time, place or event beyond the classroom.

• Immerse the children in their learning

• Change when the topic changes

• Stimulate collaboration and socialisation

• Develop and grow as the term progresses.

• Celebrate children’s work.