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Hasland Infant and Nursery School

School Meals

Our school has its own kitchen which produces healthy nutritious meals for the children.


Please have a look at the Derbyshire Catering Service website to find out more about the food on offer


Please click the link below to see the current lunchtime menu. 

With effect from September 2014 all infant school children are eligible for a free school meal each day. This is NOT based on income. Every school across the country receives a lot of extra money in their budgets based on children who would have been entitled to a free school meal before they became free for all children.


If your income drops for only a few weeks and you find yourself claiming benefits you may have qualified for free school meals under the old arrangements. We still need to know this, so the extra money will be added to the budget.  It is a significant amount of money and it makes an enormous amount of difference to the amount of additional staff, resources etc we can access.


Parents/carers who feel that their children would have been entitled to free meals should ask at school or click on the link below to access the Pupil Premium Application Form: