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Hasland Infant and Nursery School


Writing at Hasland Infant School




At Hasland Infant School we use writing in every curriculum area, to write for many different purposes.  We teach children to write pieces of factual writing, imaginative writing and writing based on their own experiences.


Our bespoke Creative Curriculum uses drama and the imagination to creatively engage young learners in their learning. We have a two year cycle of long term planning, with an appropriate balance of fiction and non-fiction based themes.


Our curriculum gives children a powerful means of expressing themselves and developing their ideas and understanding in a wide variety of situations and curriculum areas.  Talk for Writing approaches alongside drama and imaginative thinking are used to promote high-quality thinking, discussion and written outcomes.  Effective drama and talk activities support the preparation and planning for writing. 


Topics change every half term and weekly plans ensure that the skills required to successfully complete a piece of writing are systematically taught. 


Children are excited about their learning and enjoy their writing.  They are taught the skills they need to be competent writers and are given lots of opportunities to develop these skills.  



We asked the children how they feel about writing, here are a few of their responses:


"I like writing because it makes my hands stronger and if I practise I will get better and better."


"I love writing about lots of different things."


"Writing is very interesting and I like to see how I can get better when I try."