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Hasland Infant and Nursery School


We are always very proud of the art work we have displayed in school.  The work the children produce always links closely with our topic.
During our topic 'Around the World' the children have met lots of different people.  They have created some of these using mod-rock.  They used mod-rock to cover a balloon to create a face and then built eyes, a nose and a mouth.  We all had great fun deciding what our character would look like!  We than chose a name and thought about what job they might like to do!

An artst originally from Chesterfield called Dave Gee came in to work with the year 2 children to support their topic of ‘Around the UK.’ He creates murals of different, villages, towns and cities. This was a collaborative piece where each year 2 child had the opportunity to add details of a local landmark or a doodle of surrounding features.