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Hasland Infant and Nursery School

Beat the Street

Do you know your community?

‘Know Your Chesterfield’ Starts Monday on 18 May for 6 weeks showcasing Chesterfield and helping everyone to really get to know Your Community.
Each day for the next 6 weeks this will be showcasing Chesterfield, showing you its schools, community groups, clubs, parks & leisure centres.
We are starting our journey to know Chesterfield this coming Monday with ‘Know Your Schools’.
Each day a different school from Chesterfield will be introducing themselves and showing what they have been up to during Covid-19 to stay connected as a school and to their community. And as its National Share-a-Story month, each school will also be reading a bedtime story to connect everyone before bedtime.
What’s coming up 
Know Your Community Week – We get to meet some of the wonderful community groups working in Chesterfield that really make a difference in the community.
Know Your Clubs Week – Learn about some of the clubs that are operating in Chesterfield creating sustainable sport and recreational exercise in your community.
Know Your Leisure Centres Week –  Explore what Queens Park Leisure Centre & Healthy Living Centre Staveley have to offer and meet some of the coaches and instructors in their video sessions.
Know Your Parks & Greenspaces – We learn about the wonderful parks, pocket parks and greenspaces Chesterfield has.