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Hasland Infant and Nursery School

Wednesday 8th July

Wednesday 8.7.2020

Keep Active

Keep Active

Join in with Joe Wicks at 9.00 every morning


try some cosmic yoga – There are lots of different ones to choose from.

Phonics: In phonics this week, we are looking at the ‘oo’ sound.  It can be spelt in different ways.  These include oo, ew, ue, u-e, o.


Using your list of words. Write as many sentences as you can and include as many of these words as possible. How many words can you include in one sentence? For example, I flew up in to the air on my broom and my blue balloon blew across the light of the moon.

Maths: Count forwards and backwards in 3’s starting from 0.

Yesterday you looked at finding fractions of a shape. Watch this video to check your understanding of this.

Today we are going to have a go at finding fractions of a number.

It works in a very similar way to fractions of a shape. The bottom number tells you how many groups you need and the top number tells you how many are in each group.

For example to find ½ of 8 you split 8 into two groups (2 is the bottom number) and count how many you have in one of those groups (1 is the top number.) You will need to use your division skills to be able to work out the answers. You can’t always find a true fraction of a number as, just like a fraction of a shape, each part needs to be equal. For example, you will struggle to find ½ of 7 because your two groups would be different (3 and 4). To find a fraction of a number you need to be able to divide the number by the bottom number of the fraction. (Think about your knowledge of multiples and remember drawing helps!)      Have a go at the sheet attached.


Say your playground promise and sit and have a snack outside. 


Today you are going to have a go at creating your own setting. Your setting is going to be somewhere that your character (from last week) is going to go to have an adventure.

Talk to people in your house about what your setting is going to be. Can you share ideas and come up with somewhere really great? It could be a castle, a beach, space, a school, a forest, a haunted house, inside a time can be anywhere! You might be inspired by one of the settings you wrote about yesterday. What will be there? What will you see, hear, smell? Use your imagination! (There is a ‘senses’ mat to help you with some great adjectives you could include on your mind map.)

Create a mind-map of all your ideas and try to include as many adjectives to match your story setting as you can.


Wash your hands and help your grown up to prepare your lunch.

PSHE: Kindness and Respect.

Discuss with people in your house, what do you think a ‘good listener’ look like? How do ‘good listeners’ act? What do they do? What do they say? Explore all your you all agree?

Have a go with someone else in your house at showing what a good listener looks like and then have a go at showing what a bad listener looks like. (A little bit of role play.) Once you have done this, swap roles. How does it feel to be listened to and then to be ignored. Explore the feelings you experience. Discuss how important it is to be a good listener.

Read ‘Not now Bernard’ by David Mckee.

How can people tell that we are not listening to them? What happens if we don’t? What would/could you do if an adult isn’t listening to you like Bernard’s Mum? Discuss with your grown ups.