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Hasland Infant and Nursery School

Wednesday 1st June

Reception Home Learning Ideas – Wednesday


Physical Activity

Keep active

Join in with the cosmic kids yoga disco-


Sing the phonics song

Read the book “Silver Foil Rocket”- and then answer the following questions:

What special day was it?
How did the children try and win the cup?
What did they use to make the rocket?
What did the banner say?

Can you retell the story to your grown up?
Challenge: How many times can you see the sight word “we” in the story?


Practise your story map; can you remember the story and all of the actions?
Oh no!! Hanky Hugh and Lanky Len have run away from the police station and we think they might be going to try and steal the fine prize cow again! Can you make a wanted poster for the two bad men to help us to find them? Draw a picture of the bad men and label them e.g. long black hair.

Challlenge: On you wanted poster can you write 2 sentences describing the two bad men, make sure you use adjectives (describing words) in your writing.


Listen to the doubles rap-
Grown-ups write out the different number sentences for your children to answer- 1+1= , 2+2= , 3+3= , 4+4= , 5+5= , 6+6= , 7+7= , 8+8= , 9+9=, 10+10= . You could provide them with a pile of objects to help them to count out the answer.
Challenge: Once you have answered all of the number sentences, work out one more than each answer and write it down.

Understanding the World

PSHE- Watch the story “Kindness must see”
Why was the dog feeling sad?
Did the bird take the worms to be mean?
How did the dog help the bird?
How did the bird say thank you?
Why is it important to always be kind to others?
This week your challenge is to do something kind for somebody else. We would love to hear what you have done to be kind to others.

Expressive Art and Design

Making patterns, shapes and pictures

Using the ladybird rocks that you painted last week, use these to make a big pattern, shape or picture on the floor. You could make a square, you could make the first letter of your name, or you could just put them into a pretty pattern.