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Hasland Infant and Nursery School

Wednesday 15th July

Reception Home Learning Ideas – Wednesday


Physical Activity

Keep active

Join in with the cosmic kids yoga  soaperhero scrub-


Sing the phonics song

Read the book “The King and his wish”-
and then answer the following questions:
What was the kings wish?
What colour is the big box?
What happened to the king?

Can you retell the story to your grown up?
How many times can you find the sound “sh” in the book?


Can you re-order the sentence below and then write it out so that it makes sense?
cat. black with They are sat a
Challenge: Can you re-order and then write out this trickier sentence?
sitting are down. three All cats black


Subtraction- writing number sentences and working out the answer
Miss McKee baked 5 chocolate brownies for the teachers and Mrs Oliver ate 3 of them how many cakes are left?
Miss Reynolds had 6 teddies in the classroom and 4 snuck out overnight, how many teddies are there now?
Challenge: Write a number sentence for these trickier stories below and work out the answers:
Miss Gill had 10 children in her classroom but then Mrs Allen took 7 of these children outside, how many children are there all together now?
Miss Morris found 20 ladybirds in the outdoor area but 8 of them flew away,  how many ladybirds are left?

Understanding the World

PSHE- Read the story “The selfish crocodile” or watch it here:
What does the crocodile say to the other animals? How do you think this makes them feel? Is the crocodile kind? What could the crocodile have done instead?
What did the animals decide to do?
Draw a picture of you helping somebody else.

Expressive Art and Design

Earlier we read the story “the selfish crocodile”.
Can you use items from around your house e.g. towels/bedding, paper etc. to make a big crocodile on the floor?
We would love to see some photographs of your crocodiles.