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Hasland Infant and Nursery School

Tuesday 14th July

Nursery – Proud Peacocks

Home Learning Ideas – Tuesday

Morning activity

Keep Active

Join in with Zumba Kids



Initial sounds

Sing the phonics song

play I spy for the sounds a, i ,m, s and t

Write the same letters a few times on individual post it notes or pieces of paper. Spread them over the floor. As the adult says each sound, you must whack the right letter to match. This could be with a fly swat or folded piece of paper.




Counting skills

Ordering numbers and recognising them.



Count from 1 to 10 and then back to 0.


Can you draw, with the help of your adult, a rocket and write numbers 0 – 10 on the side and try to put the same number of spots on next to the number? Cut it out and stick it to an empty kitchen roll tube.

Now count up and down to help the rocket blast off.




Star mobile

Think of all the things you have done at nursery and what you are really clever at. Make some different sized stars and decorate them. With an adult, write on the back something you have achieved. String them up to make a hanging or mobile.


  • Making friends
  • Growing in confidence
  • Knowing numbers
  • Building models
  • Writing your name…the list is endless!


Please copy over or write your name daily.

Make sure the first letter is a capital and bigger than all the others.



Meet the different teachers in school

The teachers in school will be visiting nursery to meet the new children moving to reception during the week. If you are home learning, look for them on the school website.