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Hasland Infant and Nursery School

Tuesday 14th July

Tuesday 14.7.2020

Keep Active

Join in with Joe Wicks at 9.00 every morning


Try some Super movers – There are lots of different ones to choose from.

Phonics: Yesterday in Phonics you looked at the ‘e’ sound.  It can be spelt in different ways.  These include e, ea and ai.


Find one of your favourite books and read it. As you read it make a not of any ‘e’ words you come across. If you chose a short story, maybe you could do this activity with a few books! List the words you find and see which spelling is the most common.

Maths: Count forwards and backwards in 10’s starting from a one digit number.

Today we are measuring weight.  What unit did we use when we were measuring length? cm.  Today we are going to measure in kilograms and grams.  Collect some different items of food (a tin of beans, a bag of pasta etc) Which is heaviest/lightest? Sometimes we can just look at items and tell but we can’t do this all the time so sometimes we need to use the scales.  When you are weighing it is very important to be accurate.  There are 2 types of scales – the balances and the scales with numbers on.  A ‘balance’ do not have numbers on though so these will only help us see if something is heavier or lighter (a little bit like a see saw.) The other kind of weighing scales are the ones used for baking and these show us exactly how much something weighs. Use ITP  to show how to read scales and have a go at playing around with the different weights.

Have a go at weighing some household items. Can you make a list of items and their weights? Make sure you are accurate. Once you have done this a few times, have a go at ing how much things might weigh before testing them! Check which item is the heaviest and the lightest.


Say the playground promise and play outside if the weather if nice.


Yesterday you thought about your opening and your build up.

Next we are going to think about the problem.  What happens in your story? Does something happen to your character? Here is an example of a problem. The very next morning Molly went to get her favourite pearl necklace from her treasure chest. Unfortunately, when she got to the cool, secret cave the beautiful treasure chest was gone.  It had been stolen!

Keep stopping to imagine the next part of your story. When did it happen? Think of a different opener. Draw the problem, label with opener and key adjectives (describing words) and story language. (Once upon a time, suddenly, unfortunately, surprisingly)


Next you need to think about the resolution, how is the problem going to be solved? What could happen to make the situation better?  Here is an example. Molly was shocked and upset, she asked her lovely friends to help her to look.  Sammy the seahorse noticed some tracks in the soft sand.  The group of friends followed the trail and found the treasure chest in a dark, spooky shipwreck.  Next to the treasure chest was an enormous shark, Molly was very cross and very frightened.  Surprisingly the shark said sorry and promised never to take anything that didn’t belong to him again.

Again, keep stopping to imagine the resolution of your story. What happened? Think of a different opener. Draw the resolution, label with an opener and key adjectives and story language. Remember that the resolution must match the problem.


Have a think about how your story might end in preparation for tomorrow’s session!


Wash your hands and help your grown up to prepare your lunch. 

Art: Today I would like you to have a go at some observational drawings. Depending on the weather you can choose where you do this. If it is sunny, you could take your paper and a pencil to a beautiful place you have found on your walks and have a go at drawing what you can see there. If it is a rainy day, you can sit in your bedroom window and look out! You can see beauty anywhere, you just have to look closely. Don’t forget, for an observational drawing you try your best to draw exactly what you can see. Try to include as much detail as possible.