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Hasland Infant and Nursery School

Tuesday 14th July

            Tuesday 14.7.2020

Keep Active

try some cosmic yoga


In phonics we are going to look at the ‘o’ spelling.    It can make two different sounds – oe and o.  E.g.      Bob,    both







Sort these words into the correct column: dog, frog, from, go, host, lost, most, nod, on, post, so


This week we are learning to recognise the greater then and less than signs  <    

For example:  1 < 5  (1 is less than 5)               8 > 4   (8 is greater than 4)

  • > this is the sign for greater than
  • < this is the sign for less than
  • The smaller number goes at the tip of the arrow
  • The bigger number goes at the wide part of the arrow.


Complete the sheet attached.


Go for a run, walk or bike ride



Look at your story map from yesterday and tell your story to someone in your family.  Make sure you know it really well.  As you tell your story don’t forget to use adjectives, conjunctions and openers.  Today we are going to write the story using your story map to help you.  Remember you can come back to writing your story another day or time if you need a break.



To use different openers (One day, Suddenly)

To use story language appropriate for your character/setting.

To use exciting adjectives.

To use different conjunctions (because, so, but, as, which, that).

To punctuate your sentences correctly ? ! . ,


Wash your hands and help your grown up to make your sandwich!



The 2020 Blue Peter Sport badge has been launched and all details relating to how your child can earn this badge can be found on the Blue Peter website:


It is a great opportunity for your child / children to not only be rewarded, but to also try something new by being physically active, even when at home.  Keep working on your goal if you have alredy started.  If not, why not give it a go.