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Hasland Infant and Nursery School

Thursday 9th July

Nursery – Proud Peacocks

Home Learning Ideas – Thursday

Morning activity

Keep Active

Join in with Zumba Kids




Initial sounds that letters make.

Sing the phonics song






Sing some nursery rhymes you know with numbers in them.

Baa, baa black sheep, 12345, once I caught a fish alive, 1 little finger….5 little men in a flying saucer….


In Red Rockets and Rainbow Jelly, Nick likes green aliens. Draw an alien face with your felt pens. Roll a dice. This is the number of eyes your alien needs. Roll it again. This is the number of antennae your alien has.

Draw your alien a space ship. Roll the dice. This is how many rocket boosters or windows your space ship has.  



 Knowledge of the world

Being creative

Art Challenge

In Red Rockets and Rainbow Jelly, Sue likes everything blue.

Go on a hunt for your favourite colour. Gather things that are your favourite colour and put them all together and see if the objects are all the same shade of that colour. Take a photo on a tablet if you have one. You could do it for more than one colour. You could mix paints or crayons to make different shades of your chosen colour.


Please copy over or write your name daily.