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Hasland Infant and Nursery School

Thursday 2nd June

Reception Home Learning Ideas – Thursday


Physical Development

Keep Active

Join in with the cartoon characters and their exercises-


Sing the phonics song

We have learnt the following sight words: I, as, is, for, of, the, was, he, are, all, we, to, said, some, come, where, what, who, she, their, there, these, his
Get a piece of paper and a pencil ready, grown-ups choose a range of these words and read them out loud, can your children remember how to spell them? If there are any words that they struggle with revisit them throughout the day.

Challenge: As your grown-up reads the words out to you, write a sentence using that sight word


Using your story map- practise retelling the story to your grown up using your actions.
We have had a message back from the police after you all made fantastic wanted posters yesterday however it has arrived in a muddled up order. Can you put this sentence in the correct order then write it out underneath to work out what it says?
you. thank We two men have bad got the
Challenge: Once you have unscrambled the sentence above and wrote it out can you unscramble this trickier sentence?
shop. Lanky was the hiding back the of Len in chip


Listen to the doubles rap-
Play a game of master master can I cross your river, Place something on the floor to act as a river e.g. towel or material. Child to say “Master master can I cross your river?" Grow”-up to answer “Only if you can tell me the answer to double 2” Child would need to say double 2 is 4, to be able to cross the river. Repeat with different doubles.
Challenge: As above but grown-up to say “Only if you can tell me one more than double 2” Child to work out and say “One more than double 2 is 5”.

Understanding the World

History- School
Choose a grown-up in your family- this could be your mum, dad, auntie, uncle, grandma or granddad. Ask them what it was like to go to School when they were little. Did they do the same things as you do or was it different? What was their favourite school dinner? Is it the same as yours or different? What toys did they play with?


Expressive Art and Design

Ladybird house
Using resources from around your house can you make a safe house for the ladybird to live in? You could make one outside using natural resources e.g. twigs and stones, you could build one out of lego, you could make one using junk modelling and glue. It’s your choice! We would love to see your different houses.