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Hasland Infant and Nursery School

Thursday 2nd July

Thursday 2.7.2020

Keep Active

try Go Noodle



In phonics we are going to look at the ‘ea’ spelling as it can make two different sounds ‘ae’ and ‘ee’. 

Using these letters fill in the gaps to make a word      d   t   s   r   n


ea __          __ __ r ea m          r ea __          g __ ea __     

c l ea __      __ n ea k


We are learning to tell the time to half past the hour.  For half past the minute hand points to the 6 and the hour hand points half way past the hour.


Using the sheet attached write down the times. Use your analogue clock that you made to help you.


Challenge:  Ask your child questions about what time it will be an hour later or earlier.

“Gymnastics starts at half past 10 but I arrived an hour early.  What time did I arrive?”


Go on a mini-beast hunt around your garden or at the park.



Open the powerpoint and see what ‘The Smartest Giant in Town’ is telling you today.

He wants you to look at the descriptions again and look for any: adjectives, punctuation and conjunctions that have been used. 


Then think of your own or use books to help you think of some more:

Adjectives (description) e.g. knobbly, silly

Punctuation e.g. ! ? .

Conjunctions e.g. and, bu, because


You can use the attached sheet to write down your ideas.  These are things that make us fantastc writers!


Wash your hands and help your grown up to prepare your lunch. 



Click on the Derbyshire Music Hub and learn about percussion with the musical eggs in week 13.


Then watch the video Never play music right next to the zoo