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Hasland Infant and Nursery School

Thursday 16th July

      Thursday 16.7.2020

Keep Active

try Go Noodle


In phonics we are going to look at the ‘o’ spelling.    It can make two different sounds – oe and o.  E.g.      Bob,    both


Cut out the words and make a sentence:













We are learning to find ½ and ¼ of a shape.

Draw some 2D shapes and cut them out.  To find ½ fold them in half and ask your child to colour half in.  To find ¼ ask your child to fold the shape into 4 and then colour ¼ in.  Remember each section must be equal.


See attached sheet if you would like to do some extra ½ and ¼ activities.


Run around your garden and burn off some energy!



Write a letter to someone in our school.  You can post or email it if you want to.

Don’t forget to say who it is to and who it is from.


Tell them:

Something you have learnt / done during lockdown that you are proud of.

Something you have missed about / at school.

How do you feel about going back to school in September?

Is there anything you are looking forward to or are scared about when going back?


Wash your hands and help your grown up to prepare your lunch. 


PSHE: Changes

Read the ‘Very hungry caterpillar’ by Eric Carle.

How do you think the ‘very hungry caterpillar’ felt when he was going through changes. Was it something he could control? Is change normal? Why do you think change can be difficult? If changes are difficult what can we do to try and make it better?

What changes will be happening to us soon?  Point children in the direction of the fact that in September we will all be moving to a new class.  What sort of things might we be worrying about?  Lead a discussion about what the children’s worries are for the new school year.

Ask your child to choose 3 worries about the move to their next class or any other changes they might be worried about at the moment (e.g. Covid related?) and draw/write them down.  Then tell them to screw up the piece of paper and throw it away in the bin.  This is to symbolise throwing away your worry.  How do they feel now?