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Hasland Infant and Nursery School

Thursday 16th July

Reception Home Learning Ideas – Thursday


Physical Development

Keep Active

Join in with the super movers alphabet song, you can even copy the dance moves-


Sing the phonics song

We have learnt the following sight words: I, as, is, for, of, the, was, he, are, all, we, to, said, some, come, where, what, who, she, their, there, these, his
Get a piece of paper and a pencil ready, grown-ups choose a range of these words and read them out loud, can your children remember how to spell them? If there are any words that they struggle with revisit them throughout the day.

Challenge: As your grown-up reads the words out to you, write a sentence using that sight word


We have had lots of fun in reception this year and made many memories. Think about all of the things we have learnt about and explored. Write a sentence explain what your favourite thing about reception has been and why, remember to use finger spaces, full stops and capital letters.
Challenge: Write 3 or more sentences about your favourite things from your time in reception.


Play the game -
You have to work out the answer and select it from a choice of 3 at the bottom.

Challenge: Play the game:
You have to fill in the missing number to complete the subtraction number sentences.

Extra Reading

Non-fiction Click the link and select one of the non-fiction books to read.


Expressive Art and Design

Watch the video below ... It's a lovely little musical story about the ‘Remarkable, Farkle McBride’. It is a poem, set to music, to help you learn about the instruments of the orchestra:

Think about...
What was the first instrument that Farkle played?
What did Farkle do with his flute when he was 6?
What did he decide his favourite sound was?