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Hasland Infant and Nursery School



R.E. Subject Leader

Mrs Alison Bunting

R.E. Curriculum Intent

At Hasland Infant and Nursery School through our teaching of RE children can explore and ask questions about religion and the world and understand that the answers may not be the same. We support children to value and understand similarities and differences. Our teaching of RE inspires children to have a sense of wonder about the world. It encourages children to be reflective and to discover spirituality. We want children to develop a strong sense of belonging. and to know how to value and nurture others.

Children who leave our school will be confident and respectful, valuing other people’s opinions and beliefs.  They will have started to appreciate the fact that the religious tradition in Great Britain are mainly Christian, but they will be taught about other principle religions and account will be taken of the multi-cultural nature of today’s society. They will have started to ask deeper questions and explore spirituality and be inspired to learn about the world around them and know how they can look after it.

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Autumn Term 

This term our R.E. has been very exciting because some of it has been linked to our whole school theme of 'Heroes and Villains'!

Some examples of this learning are:

  • In Nursery we have learned about heroes in our family and heroes in our school. 
  • In Reception we learned about the farmer who was a hero because he looked for his lost sheep.
  • In Year 1 we learned about the heroes and villains in the celebrations of Diwali and Hanukkah.
  • In Year 2 we learned about the hero David and the villain Goliath. Also about King Herod, was he a villain?

Diwali Display Year 1                                                                   Whole School Diwali Display

  Hanukahh Work Year 1                                                           Is King Herod a Villain?