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Hasland Infant and Nursery School

Online Safety

10th May 2021


Dear Parents/Carers,

Please take time today to check the safety settings on any device used by your children. In particular, please check that the search settings on Skype are secure and remove any photograph which would further identify your child. Please be vigilant and keep your children safe online.

Your sincerely

Mrs Wain

If you have any concerns about your child’s online safety or that of others, then please click on the below document for instructions of how to make a confidential report

Safe & Sound Newsletter - February 2021

Children media use attitudes 2019 report

Online Safety - 12 days of Christmas

It is important that your child accesses the internet in a safe way and knows who they can talk to if they are worried. Please use the link below to access 'Think U Know', an interactive website for parents and children.

7th January 2019


This week has been our Online Safety week.  We all received a story called ‘Chicken Clicking.’ A chick had escaped from the farm and crept into the farmhouse to use the internet. She spent lots of the farmer’s money on a shopping spree and then decided to make a friend online. Unfortunately for the chick her ‘friend’ turned out to be a fox! Throughout school we have looked at how wonderful the internet can be and explored all the different things we can use the internet and technology for.

In Nursery children have created posters in groups explaining how it is important to stay safe.

In Helpful Hares, Happy Hedgehogs and Brilliant Badgers, children have created a poster explaining the different things we can do to keep safe on the internet.

The Delightful Deers, Beaming Bunnies and Wonderful Woodpeckers have produced an Online Safety poster with a partner showing how brilliant the internet can be but also showing the things we must do to keep safe.

Fantastic Foxes, Outstanding Otters, Super Squirrels and Marvellous Moles have created a leaflet explaining children’s top tips for staying safe online. 


Take a look at some of things we have been up to.




We asked parents to read through their child's online safety leaflet and tell us what they liked about it.  Please see some comments from our parents below:

  • I found the leaflet very informative.
  • The leaflet clearly explains how to be safe online.  I like the good advice in the leaflets and the super pictures.
  • I like that you are learning about online safety from an early age.  Not all people say who they really are!
  • I really like the pictures as they helped me understand internet safety. 
  • I enjoyed reading the leaflet.  I like that it makes direct points about internet safety and direct instructions 'Do not' and 'Be careful'.