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Hasland Infant and Nursery School

Monday 29th June

Nursery – Proud Peacocks week 13 Would a dinosaur make a good pet?

Home Learning Ideas – Monday


Morning activity

Keep Active

Join in with this dinosaur song.


Listening skills and

initial sounds.

Sing the phonics song


Play some phase 1 and 2 games on




Recognising numbers and counting carefully.




 Sing some number songs that you know or look on and watch the numbers to 10 songs.


You need a dice and some dinosaur footprints made from paper or card.  Write a number on each one from 1 to 5 or 10. Place the footprints in order and make a dinosaur number line.  Muddle the numbers up and try to sort them in order in another direction. Stomp over your number line and say the numbers as you stomp.




Dinosaur facts

With an adult, choose a dinosaur to find out about. Make a fact file all about it.

What is its name? What does it eat (diet)? Where does it live (habitat)? What are its special features? Draw a picture of it and try to include details. Draw a nest of eggs, or trees around it, some footprints and a lake or swamp.



Please copy over or write your name daily.