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Hasland Infant and Nursery School

Monday 13th July

Nursery – Proud Peacocks week 14 Where would you go on a journey?

Home Learning Ideas – Monday


Morning activity

Keep Active

Join in with this dinosaur song.


Listening skills and

initial sounds.

Sing the phonics song


Play some phase 1 and 2 games on




Recognising numbers and counting carefully.

Recognising amounts of objects.



Sing a number song

Can you join in with this number song?


Get yourself a small bag and go on a number hunt. Can you choose your favourite number and hunt for the objects around your house that have that number on them or collect objects up to the value of that number? on them?

3 cars, 3 teddies, 3 building bricks….






Watch or read Where the Wild Things Are

 Talk about the journey Max made. How did he get there? What did he see? Talk about how you can travel to places near and far.

You could read or watch Whatever Next! By Jill Murphy

Draw some pictures of ways you could go on a journey.




Please copy over or write your name daily. Have a go at getting the letters you find more difficult a bit better.



Talk to the children about moving up to school and go on a journey and look for classrooms, toilets and discover where things are located. If you are home learning, look at the school website and talk about the pictures, staff and what children are doing.