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Hasland Infant and Nursery School

Monday 13th July

Year 2 – Home Learning Activities – Week Commencing 13.7.2020

                           Monday 13.7.2020

Keep Active

Join in with Joe Wicks at 9.00 every morning


try some cosmic yoga – There are lots of different ones to choose from.

Phonics: In phonics today, let’s look at the ‘e’ sound.  It can be spelt in different ways.  These include e, ea and ai. Here are some words with these spellings. Sort them into the different spellings ready to use later on in the week. (This could be a table with different columns.)


Again     Ben     bread    chest     deaf     head       egg     jelly     meant     mend     quest     ready     red     said     shed     spread     sweat     ten     then     thread     wealth

Maths: Count forwards and backwards in 5’s starting from 0.

Our number of the week is 20.  What do you know about this number? Tell your grown up or create a mind map like we do in school.

For example:

It is a multiple of ?

5 x __ = 20

20  divided by  __ = __

You could include money, time drawings, Roman Numerals, base 10, numicon.

You can make it as creative as you like and display it on your wall!


Say your playground promise and enjoy your play time.  


Today you are going to become authors. You are going to write a story about your characters in your chosen setting. You are going to use our imaginations and a story mountain to plan your story.  Each story will have an opening, build up, problem, resolution and ending. (Story Mountain template attached – or you can draw your own.) Don’t forget to add lots of story language (Once upon a time, suddenly, unfortunately, surprisingly) and adjectives to make your plan more detailed! It will help you when you write your story later on in the week.

Today we are going to concentrate on the Opening and the Build up. This will require lots of discussion in order to sort through ideas.

Here is an example of an opening of your story. ‘It was a beautiful sunny day. The shimmering blue ocean was warm and calm.’ What was it like for you? Draw the opening of your story showing what kind of day it was. What openers could you use? One sunny day, One rainy day, Once upon a time, Far away. 

Next you will need to think about the build-up. What was your character doing? Here is an example of a build up.It was a beautiful sunny day. The waves were gently splashing against the sparkling rocks. Molly the mermaid was busy polishing her beautiful jewels in her treasure chest. She was sitting on the yellow sand which was as soft as a cloud. What was your character doing? Where was it? Think about your setting (you could draw this on your story mountain) and make sure you label your story map with adjectives.

 Have a think about what might happen next in preparation for tomorrow.


Wash your hands and help your grown up to prepare your lunch.


Log onto REAL PE and enjoy some fun activities at home with your family!


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