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Hasland Infant and Nursery School

Monday 13th July

Reception Home Learning Ideas – Monday


Physical Development

Keep Active

Join in with the exercises performed by the learning station-


Sing the phonics song

Read these words: was, said, their, there, of, he
Using your orange and blue letters, can you build the words- path, think, cloth, bath, thump.
If you haven’t got any orange and blue letters at home or need some new ones then you can print some from the website go to parents home learning, reception, the document is called ‘word building cards’
Challenge: Can you write 1 or 2 sentences that using either the words that we read at the beginning or the words that we have built?


What did you do at the weekend? Have a think about what you did at the weekend with your families, was the weather nice? What did you have to eat? What toys did you play with? Draw a picture and write a sentence about your weekend news- you can print the template attached or do it straight onto paper/your book.
Challenge: Write 3 or more sentences about your weekend; make sure that every sentence has finger spaces, a capital letter and a full stop. Can you use any of our sight words in your writing? E.g. was, there, were, and said.


Subtraction - Counting back
We have learnt a few different methods to help us work out the answer to subtraction number sentences, today we are going to look at how counting back can help us. When we see a subtraction number sentence e.g. 3-2= , we need to take the bigger number, in this sentence it would be 3, then count back the other number, so we need to take 3 in our head and count back 2 which gives us the answer 1, if you find it hard to do in your head then you can get 3 objects and take 2 away counting back or find the number on a number line and count back on the number line. Try using this method to work out these number sentences: 4-2=, 5-2=, 4-3=, 3-3=, 6-3=
Challenge: Work out the answers to the number sentences above and then try these trickier ones: 6-5=, 7-3=, 12-4=, 9-3=, 11-2=


To practise your handwriting you will either need a whiteboard and pen or paper and a pencil. First of all you are going to warm up the muscles in your arms and fingers. Stand with your arms out wide and make big circles with your arms 5 times, now do it again but going in the opposite direction. Next wiggle your fingers for 10 seconds. Now your muscles are warmed up you are ready to write.

Practice the letters j, w and z. Practise each letter 5 times.

Expressive Arts and Design

Instead of talking... why not sing instead!?

Give it a go for about 15 minutes – you can use the tune of your favourite song, or just make it all up as you go along. See if you family will get involved too!

No talking, just singing!