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Hasland Infant and Nursery School

Friday 3nd July

Friday 3.7.2020

Keep Active

try Go Noodle


try some cosmic yoga


In phonics we are going to look at the ‘ea’ spelling as it can make two different sounds ‘ae’ and ‘ee’. 


Pick a book you love to read and see how many words you can find in it that have the ‘ea’ spelling in it.  Write them down in a list.



We are learning to tell the time to O’clock and half past. 

For o’clock the minute hand points at the 12 and the hour hand points on the hour.

For half past the minute hand points at the 6 and the hour hand goes just past the hour.


Complete the sheet attached with a mixture of o’clock, half past and time problems.  Challenge your child with extra questions.


Ride on a bike, trike, scooter or anything you have.



We are learning to write a character profile of our new character. 


Remember what you did yesterday to help you become a fantastic writer! 

Your writing should include: adjectives, punctuation and conjunctions


e.g. Let me introduce you to terrified Timmy the Tiger.  He is a very lonely tiger because he is scared of everything.  When anyone goes near him he jumps and hides in a big, bushy tree.  His fur is stripy and gold! Did you know he has very strong legs so he can run fast?


Use your ideas from yesterday to help you.



Wash your hands and help your grown up to prepare your lunch. 



Login to REAL PE using the following links to get physically active and to continue working on your skills.

The website address is:  
Parent email:
Password :haslandinf