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Hasland Infant and Nursery School

Friday 17th July

Reception Home Learning Ideas – Friday


Physical Development

Keep Active

Join in with the just dance pirate


Sing the phonics song

Visit and choose a game to practise your blending and segmenting, one of Kevin’s favourite games is picnic on Pluto; he really likes the noises the alien makes when you read the words correctly.
Challenge: When selecting sounds to practise make sure that you choose two letters one sounds e.g. ch, sh, th, ng


Write a letter to your class mascot
It’s not long now before you move up into year 1. Your new teachers are very excited to meet you, write a sentence telling us something you are looking forward to about year 1. Remember to use finger spaces, full stops and capital letters.

Challenge: Write 3 or more sentences about what you are looking forward to in year 1.


Play the game -
You need to read the subtraction number sentences and shoot the correct answer. Select normal as game speed.
Challenge: The same as above but you need to select fast as the game speed.


Choose one of your favourite characters/famous person it could be Peppa pig, Captain America, Harry Potter. Search their name in google and see what information you can find out about them? If you have an Alexa you could try asking Alexa to tell you some information about them too, write down one thing you learn about your character/famous person.

Expressive Art and Design

Paint a picture of your favourite memory from reception, it could be you and your friends, the trip to Chatsworth, choosing in the classroom, learning about Wiffy Wilson etc. We would love to see some of your wonderful paintings.