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Hasland Infant and Nursery School

Friday 10th July

Friday 10.7.2020

Keep Active

try Go Noodle


try some cosmic yoga


In phonics we are going to recap the ‘oe’ sound.    We have found out that it can be spelt in different ways.  These include oe, o, oa, ow, o-e


Make up a sentence using some of the ‘oe’ words you have learnt this week.



We are learning to solve a problem.

How many number sequences can you make that include the number 10? (See attached sheet)

  • You can count forwards and backwards.
  • You can count in different multiples.


Build a den inside or outside.  Once you have finished playing in it don’t gorget to tidy it away.



We are learning to write about our setting. 


Remember to be a fantastic writer your writing should include: adjectives, punctuation, conjunctions and openers


e.g. In the deep dark wood there is a spooky castle.  The walls are black and the gates are shiny and covered in diamonds.  At the top of the castle is a fearsome statue but not just any fearsome statue.  This is a statue that comes to life!



Wash your hands and help your grown up to prepare your lunch. 


PSHE: Kindness and Respect


Read ‘Not now Bernard’ by David Mckee.

How can people tell that we are not listening to them? What happens if we don’t? What can children do if an adult isn’t listening like Bernard’s Mum?


Thumbs up/ thumbs down game. Read the statements to your child and ask them to show whether they agree or disagree.
A good friend: - listens, is kind, tells me what to do, doesn’t share, talks behind my back, asks me if I’m  ok, makes me laugh, says ‘I am sorry’, is a bully, helps others, pushes me.


Make a friendship tree (see attached template).  Cut out leaves and write your friends names on them.  Challenge: Write something kind about that person.