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Hasland Infant and Nursery School

Friday 10th July

Reception Home Learning Ideas – Friday


Physical Development

Keep Active

Join in with the just dance pirate


Sing the phonics song

Read back your sight words that you wrote down yesterday, how quickly can you read them all?
Visit and choose a game to practise your blending and segmenting, one of Kevin’s favourite games is picnic on Pluto; he really likes the noises the alien makes when you read the words correctly.
Challenge: When selecting sounds to practise make sure that you choose two letters one sounds.


Write a letter to your class mascot
Here at school your class mascots are really missing you! Can you write them a letter telling them what fun things you have been learning about? Don’t forget to use capital letters, full stops and finger spaces. The mascots are Class 1: Hattie the hare, Class 2: Henry the hedgehog, Class 3: Billy the badger, Class 4: Derek the deer

Challenge: In your letter you need to include at least 5 of our sight words! Here are the sight words to help you out: I, as, is, for, of, the, was, he, are, all, we, to, said, some, come, where, what, who, she, their, there, these, his


Play the game smoothie maker and select “facts that make 10” it will give you a number sentence with a number missing e.g. 9+ =10. The game times you so you have to think quickly, good luck!
Challenge: The same as above but you need to select “facts that make 20”

Board game

Ask somebody to play a board game with you; it could be one grown-up or your whole family, who will win? Will everybody be able to wait properly for their turn?

Expressive Art and Design

Turn the lights off, put your favourite music on and have a disco, can you show your grown-ups your super cool dance moves? Can you move in time to the music? We would love to see some of your dance moves!!