School Council

The aim of the School Council is to help to make the school "The best it can be".

At the beginning of the school year two representatives from each class in Year One and Two will be elected to the School Council and in the summer term two from each Reception Class will be elected to join the School Council.

This year the School Council has met 6 times and has undertaken learning walks as well as discussing and implementing several really useful ideas into the school.

Highlights for 2016-2017 include:

  • The Friendship Stop
  • Visit to the Town Hall to meet the Mayor and Mayoress as well as to hold our School Council meeting in the Council Chamber.
  • Major changes to the dining arrangements and the menu offer including sandwich children sitting with the hot dinner children, so friends can dine together.
  • Playtime games, including music.
  • Sunshine Corner with a suggestion box and photographs of the School Council members.
  • Healthy Week suggestions for activities and a Healthy Fruit Salad.
  • Changes to playtime arrangements including a new activity timetable with a 'girls only' slot in the Smooga.
  • Ongoing - toilets! Much improvement to the boys toilets but still ongoing problems with 'flushing'!

A good year..... well done.

The meeting schedule for 2016 - 2017 is:

2nd November 2016 - Minutes from this meeting - Click Here

16th November 2016 (Town Hall) - Minutes from this meeting - Click Here

25th January 2017 - Minutes from this meeting - Click Here

15th March 2017 - Minutes from this meeting - Click Here

10th May 2017 - Minutes from this meeting - Click Here

14th June 2017 - Minutes from this meeting - Click Here



page last updated: 19/07/2017

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